What is a wiki? Well, in basic terms, a wiki is like a giant whiteboard that is accessible to anyone from any where in the world. Take a peak at the video below to get a more complete idea.

Something to keep in mind... As shown in the video, only one person at a time may modify a particular wiki page. This makes using a wiki in a classroom difficult... with the help of Colin I have figured out a way to help us work together without crushing each others work.

We will be using a wiki (wemtech.wikispaces.com) hosted by Wikispaces. To get an idea of how to use Wikispaces, please follow this link and watch the videos.

As an FYI...
The most famous wiki in the world is Wikipedia. When I was putting together some thoughts for how to practice using a wiki I searched for Mitchell Middle School in Wikipedia and this is what I found. I thought it was pretty cool that you could follow a link to get more information on Cordova High School. If you click on the history tab you can see that someone modified the page recently. We could easily do something like this for Mitchell by using the basic layout that Cordova used. What do you think? Go back here to leave me a comment.

Good links to resources on how to set up Wikis