The purpose of this project is two-fold: to review the tools at your disposal provided through Microsoft Office and to launch our exploration of Web 2.0 technologies. In the course of our review I will be asking you to use Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. Once done we will take what you have put together and publish it to the Internet. You will be able to work on your project in any order you would like after you have completed the Excel portion (this portion needs to be first in order to track your time and is an ongoing activity that will continue through to the end of the project).

There are four parts to this project: timekeeping (Excel), presentation creation (PowerPoint), narrative writing (Word), and the actual presentation in front of the class (PowerPoint and you). The first three are what you are being graded on at this time. Grading will be done using the Computer Applications/web 2.0 Rubric that can be found on Mr. Lane's Computer Applications/Web 2.0 Blog- select the project rubric link. I highly recommend that you review it before beginning the project and again when you have finished to gauge your wok and have an idea of the grade you are earning before turning it in.

In order to save your work you will need to do the following:
  1. Go to File
  2. Select "Save As" (the 1st time); thereafter "Save"
  3. Save files to the "G:drive"
  4. Save under the application you are using (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint)

Part 1 - Excel

Build and maintain a spreadsheet that you can use daily to log the amount of time you have spent on a particular portion of the project. Specifically, indicate how much time you spent working thos project each day. It should include:
  • the date
  • start & end times
  • total time per day
  • what was done on a given day
  • the total time you spent on the project
  • at least one formula in the spreadsheet

Below you will find an example:

To get you started, we will work on this portion together so that everyone starts off on the right foot. Please help your neighbor...

Part 2 - PowerPoint

Create a presentation that tells us something about you. I have inidicated (listed) the minimum that is required below - you may include anything else that you think we should. Please use your imagination as you put this together and feel free to experiment. You may include pictures, music, video, etc. Feel free to use any of the applications you are familiar with to make your presentation that much livelier: i.e., PhotoStory 3, Windows Movie Maker, Pivot Stickfigure Animator, Audacity, Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.

  • on the first slide include your name (first only) and title of the presentation
  • on the next five slides (minimum) address the following topics:
    • introduce yourself (i.e., age, where you were born)
    • tell us about your family (i.e., parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, brothers/sisters, cousins, etc)
    • let us know about your hobbies or interests (i.e., reading, gardening, playing sports, video games, etc.)
    • tell us what subject in school is your favorite and why
    • let us know what you want to be when you "grow up"
  • on the last page include a "trailer" that says: "Thank you for [fill in the blank]."

  • pick a page layout & background - set it to be the design for all pages
  • use a minimum of font size 28
  • use block style lettering so that it may be seen from a distance
  • include titles and subtitles when necessary to indicate a thought change has occurred (i.e., family, hobbies, school, etc.)
  • use bullet points - do not write sentences unless they are "quotes"
  • use transitions in and out of slides (50% of the time)

  • use Mircosoft Word's Outline View to get started - it will allow you to get your ideas down quickly and then be able to play with formatting of your PowerPoint slides later (I will model how to do this)
  • use your cell phone to bring pictures of your family to school (you will also need to bring the PC cord)
  • use your e-mail to send/recieve photos of family, friends, etc.
    • ask permission of family and friends before using photos of them
Something to ponder:
  • If you are using a photo or image you found on the Internet without the owner's permission - are you stealing?

Part 3 - Word

Write a 300-word five paragraph essay to me, Mr. Lane, that provides some insight into your plans for the future. The purpose of this essay is for me to get to know you better and for you to lay out a plan to help you achieve your goals.

In order to write a solid essay I recommend that you take some time to work your way through the writing process. Before writing I suggest that you keep a piece of paper near you to jot down your thoughts (sometimes this is faster than typing). Once you begin writing focus on getting your thoughts down - you can move sentences around and rewrite sentences so that they flow later. As you get to the end of your writing make sure you utilize (use) the spelling and grammar check features - spelling and gramatical errors detract from what you are trying to say and will impact your score. I also recommend you use the word count feature so that you know how many words you have in your essay. When you are done print it out and read it aloud, then have someone else read it - see if you/they can hear the awkward parts or find sections that need to be adjusted - then go back and make final changes. We will discuss how to submit your work when we are closer to the due date.

  • begin with an introductory paragraph (2-3 sentences)
    • detail what is to be addressed (see below for what you are to be covering)
    • this paragraph can/should be written last
  • body paragraph # 1
    • what is/are your goal(s) for this school year?
      • do you want to improve - grades, behavior, family life, etc.
    • what are you going to do to reach your goal(s)?
      • how are you going to set yourself up for success?
    • how will you know if you reached your goal(s)?
      • will it be through grades, test scores, feeling happier or more successful, etc?
  • body paragraph # 2
    • what do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?
      • will you be in college, working at a job that requires special training, not working at all?
        • what will you need to do to reach this goal?
      • will you be married or dating someone special?
        • how does that thought make you feel - good, scared, goofy, etc.?
  • body paragraph # 3
    • where do you see yourself in 25-30 years?
      • what will you be doing for a living?
        • why?
      • where will you be living?
        • what city, in a house or an apartment, alone or with friends
          • why?
      • will you be married or divorced?
        • why or why not?
      • will you have kids?
        • why or why not? if yes, how many? if no, how come?
  • end with a concluding paragraph (2-3 sentences)
    • summarize what the body paragraphs state your life will be like over the next 25-30 years

  • use MLA heading
  • title, centered on the page, should be "Who Am I? Project"
  • margins of 1" on top/bottom and left/right side
  • use font Times New Roman size 12
  • double-space essay - MLA heading does need to be double-spaced as well
  • include page #'s at the top right of page using MLA format (i.e., "Lane - 1")
  • writing should be free from spelling and grammatical errors and utlize proper English - avoid using abbreviations, slang, and other writing conventions that are common to text messaging and e-mails among friends
  • essay is to be no less than 300 words

We will work on the writing portion of this together in class before you begin typing.

Preparing to Submit Your Work

Please use the Word Document that is linked below to check your work for completeness. This will give you an idea of what your grade you will earn when you submit your work -- the more items that are checked off, the better the score.

Presentation Registration

Hints for your Presentation

  • Know what you are going to say
  • Practice what you are going to say
  • Slow down - you speak faster than you realize
  • Enunciate (speak clearly)
  • Broadcast your voice - now is not the time to whisper
  • Keep your note cards handy - just in case
  • Relax