I am going to take you back in time to when I was your age. Don’t worry, things weren’t necessarily better back then — just different. Check out how technology has changed in the last 20 or so years…

I guarantee that I am happy that some things have changed — interestingly, some things changed even before I had mastered using the “old” stuff. For example, back in the mid-90’s I was introduced to something called the Internet. It was all the rave — as far as I could tell the only things you could do was set up an e-mail account, join a newsgroup, and enter chatrooms. You could search for information but it was hard to find what you were looking for and not that reliable. The worst part was that it took forever to do anything because all information went through your phone line. The big “player” in all of this was AOL — you had to have an AOL account! What was funny was that outside using e-mail I really couldn’t figure out what the point all of this was. Using e-mail was obvious; chatrooms were self-explanatory — you logged in, met new people, talked to people you didn’t know, etc. and then grew bored and stopped; newsgroups??? — I had no idea of what you were supposed to do. So the one area of the Internet I ignored I am now using on daily basis — newsgroups — except we now call them blogs (MySpace, Facebook, etc.), wikis (Wikipedia), or podcasts. In fact, so much has changed that how we refer to this medium (the Internet) has changed. Check out the video and let’s take a look at Web 2.0.

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So what do you think of Web 2.0 — is communicating and collaborating with others a good thing? Why or why not?