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Learn 2 Type
Power Typing
Typing Chef

Here is a sampling of the games that can be found online:

external image Picture+10.pngPower Typing hosts a small collection of five typing games that students can use to develop their typing skills. Power Typing also offers typing lessons for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards. The two games that I found easiest to access are Alphabetic Rain and See Don't.

In Alphabetic Rain letters, numbers, and symbols drop from the top of the screen. Players have to type the letters before the letter hits the bottom. As you progress through the game the letters, numbers, and symbols drop at increasingly faster rate.external image Picture+8.png

In See Don't words appear from a dark background. As the words appear you need to type them in order to make them disappear. The faster you type, the faster the next set of words appears.
external image Picture+9.png