iCivics formerly (ourcourts.org) provides interactive games that introduce you to our three branches of goverment: executive, legislative, and judical. Learn about these different branches by becoming the President, a Congressman, or an attorney or Supreme Court Justice. Try to see if you can better your won or a friend's score.


Interactive Atlas

MapQuest Atlas - sports a very simple interface. Users can drill down into data on every country in the world. Much of the information in the atlas comes from the CIA’s World Factbook rather than from sources such as Wikipedia. By clicking on a country on the map, you will be able to learn its capital, temperature and current time.
A second click takes you deeper, though, into a nation’s geography, culture, government, economy and military. Much of this is basic information that’s easily discoverable through the World Factbook’s web app or Wikipedia, but it’s nice to have another easy-to-use web tool that brings it all together. In addition to information on the different nations of the world, MapQuest Atlas also displays information on time zones, world climate, continents and oceans. There’s also a “Compare Countries” feature, which places the geographic, political and social data of any two nations side-by-side.