I am never positive of where to start a trimester as I am not sure of the classes experience with computers... However, I do know that there are always the same questions that come up during the course of the trimester. Rather than trying to answer them as we go I thought it might be a good idea to get them to you up front and, at the same time, give you an idea of where to find the answers should you need to look for the answers later on. So here is our first assignment... Class Blogs and Wiki Scavenger Hunt.

Creating an Answer Document

Many of you have used Microsoft Word to complete assignments in your classes; others of you have not. Regardless, I figure using Word is a good starting point for the trimester as you will need to know how to use a word processing program to get through school. In this activity we will be exploring how the blogs and wikis in this class are designed and where you can find answers to many important questions. To do this we need to create an answer sheet to record our answers. We don't necessarily have to do a lot to get it ready but we do need to do it right. Here are the required elements for your answer sheet:

  • Format:
    • margins of 1" on top/bottom and left/right side
    • use font Times New Roman size 12
    • double-space entire document
    • use MLA heading
      • Your full name
      • My name (i.e., "Mr. Lane")
      • Class - Period (i.e., "Computer Apps - Period 2")
      • Date (i.e., "10 October 2006")
    • title, centered on the page, should be "Class Blogs & Wiki Scavenger Hunt"
    • include page #'s at the top right of page using MLA format (i.e., "Student- 1")
    • use auto-numbering to make the numbering of answers & spacing easy to control
An example of an acceptable answer document can be found here: .

  • General Notes:
    • writing should be free from spelling and grammatical errors and utilize proper English - do not use abbreviations, slang, or other writing conventions that are common to text messaging and e-mails among friends
    • save the document to Word Documents folder on the G drive as "Your full name - Class Blogs & Wiki Scavenger Hunt"

Please feel free to ask for help at any point should you need it.

The Project - Class Blogs & Wiki Scavenger Hunt

As I started to put this together I relied on an old scavenger hunt (when I had a website) to be my guide. I quickly found that there was so much more on these blogs and wiki than I ever anticpated and so it is more detailed and in depth than I thought it might be. I started to pair it down to make it a bit simpler and realized that this would not be a benefit to you or me. So while this may look a bit intimidating when you first open it up and get started please trust me - it is not that difficult and I will provide you with enough time to get through it all!!

Before you get started here are a couple of hints:
  • Take your time
  • Don't worry about writing complete sentences for your answers
  • DO worry about spelling
  • Do make sure you have auto-numbering on so the formatting stays consistent
  • Ask for help from those sitting around you and/or from me
  • Make sure your answers are consistently double-spaced
  • Save your work as you go (every 5-10 minutes)
  • To easily toggle (switch between) your answer document and questions press down the Alt button (with your left thumb) & the press the Tab button (with your left ring finger)

And finally, drum roll please, here are the scavenger hunt questions:

When you finish go back to the sample answer document and double-check to make sure you still have all of the needed basics (see above - Creating an Answer Document).