Blogs - short for Web logs - are online jounrals or diaries. Writers may choose to have their blogs private or public. The content of blogs is wide-ranging including: reflections, connections, humor, expression, opinions, etc. Reading and posting blog entries are a form in which we can practice reading for comprehension, writing and communicationing with others. Check out the following video to see how it works.

One of the features that the video mentions it that blogs can be prefessional or personal in nature. Mr. Lane's Computer Applications/Web 2.0 Blogwould be considered professional; this one, Mr. Lane's Blog, would be considered personal. Both have their purposes and benefits — regardless of the format both are designed to provide a space to communicate and collaborate.

How to Comment

General blogging tips:
  • Remember that you're writing for a global audience
  • Be creative - think for yourself! Don't borrow content or opinions from others (unless you give them credit).
  • Don't be afraid to have an opinion, but state it tactfully and tastefully or it won't be published!
  • Blogs/blog comments should include: responses, opinions, reactions, or connections to news articles

How to use TweenTribune:
  • select an article to read
  • read the article
  • click on the blue text that says "Add new comment"
    • type your comment in the text box - you should submit a comment with a minimum of three to four sentences (see below for sentence starters) so you end up with a complete thought; make sure you start each sentences with capitals and end with correct punctuation
    • spellcheck your comment before you preview it
    • save your blog comment
      • it will be sent to me for it is published
      • any comments that are offensive or meaningless will be deleted and no credit will be given

Sentence Starters

Feel free to use any of the following sentence starters in your blogs to make predictions, comments, clarifications, or raise questions.

Make predictions
· I predict that… · I bet that… · I think that… · Since this happened (fill in detail), then I bet the next thing that is going to happen is…. · Reading this makes me think that (fill in detail) is will happen…. · I wonder….
Make comments
· This is good because… · This is hard to believe because… · This is confusing because… · I like the part of the article that tells… · I don’t like the fact that (fill in detail) because… · My favorite part of this article is…. · I think that…. Ask questions· Why did… · What I don’t understand is how… · How is this…. · What would happen if… · Why… · Who is… · What does (fill in detail) mean…. · Do you think that…. · I don’t understand how… · I don’t understand why… Clarify something· Oh, I understand how….· Now I see that…. · This makes sense because… · I agree with (fill in name), because… · At first I thought (fill in detail), but now I think …. · This article is really saying….